'Succession': 14 WTF quotes that may hang-out my nightmares from episode 9

One other week of Succession, one other barrage of impressively surprising, cringey and downright wince-inducing moments.

Season 4 , episode 8 was a tricky one to high, however episode 9, which revolves round Logan’s funeral, definitely makes an honest go of it.


I really like ‘Succession’, however there’s 1 tiny planning element I can not get my head round

From Roman (Kieran Culkin) making inappropriate jokes about Shiv’s (Sarah Snook) being pregnant, to Connor (Alan Ruck) being Connor, listed here are essentially the most WTF quotes from episode 9.

1. “Do not be a pussy dude, what you do not like these fucking rankings? It is discord, man. Discord makes my dick exhausting.” — Roman

Roman begins episode 9 just about the place he left off the earlier episode — being gleefully nihilistic concerning the penalties of somebody as horrible as far-right, racist, white supremacist Congressman Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk) changing into president.

2. “Get Ebba to bury these numbers. It is simply so golden.” — Shiv

That is Shiv, cheerfully talking to GoJo CEO Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) on the cellphone concerning the information being so horrible that it is a “golden” time for him to leak the actual fact his subscriber numbers are an enormous lie.

3. “I will go to courtroom to get an emergency courtroom order to cease you leaving town!” — Kendall

It is most likely honest to say that Kendall (Jeremy Sturdy) shouldn’t be at his finest when he is speaking along with his ex-wife. Right here he is so determined to power his household to return to his dad’s funeral that he is threatening them, regardless of Rava (Natalie Gold) having some very legit issues concerning the riots within the metropolis.

4. “Is it mine?” — Roman

Yep, that is the very first thing Roman says after his sister tells him she’s pregnant.

5. “If I see you breastfeeding, I’m gonna need to jerk off.” — Roman

Shortly after, he follows it up with this touching sentiment.

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Shiv seems completely unimpressed when talking to Roman.
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6. “Good timing, Jess. Pretty day to inform me. Actually considerate.” — Kendall

Clearly nonetheless in a temper after being horrible to his ex-wife, Kendall then bullies his assistant Jess (Juliana Canfield) into telling him the explanation she’s booked them in for a one-on-one assembly on Monday. She does not wish to inform him on the day of his dad’s funeral, however he insists. And when she does inform him it is as a result of she needs to maneuver on to a different job? He angrily places his shades again on and throws an enormous sulk.

7. “I feel it is nice that Mencken’s a racist and he will not let a grimy foreigner purchase the corporate, however I nonetheless assume we have to get the board and brass rallying around the outdated orphans right here, do not you assume?” — Roman

This is Roman as soon as once more casually cracking jokes about how he is virtually single-handedly managed to get a racist president elected purely to squash the GoJo deal.

8. “Marcia’s trying stylish. Yummy. Attractive funeral girl. If you happen to’re weirded out by that, wait ‘until I’ve intercourse together with her on dad’s coffin.” — Roman

This one kind of speaks for itself, however the very best bit is likely to be Kendall’s utterly clean, emotionless response.

9. “How a lot of you is glad?” — Gerri

You’ll be able to all the time depend on Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron) to inform it how it’s, particularly now Logan (Brian Cox) has handed. As the one that ought to have been Waystar Royco’s CEO, Gerri’s response to Frank (Peter Friedman) lamenting “he is actually gone” is strictly as blunt as you’d hope.

10. “Sally-Anne was my Kerry, so to talk. It is all water below the bridge now.” — Woman Caroline Collingwood

When Logan’s ex-wife Woman Caroline Collingwood (Harriet Walter) casually begins introducing all his different wives and mistresses to at least one one other it comes as fairly a shock, however the finish consequence — Marcia (Hiam Abbass) cracking a joke about his tooth grinding earlier than comforting Kerry (Zoe Winters) — is unexpectedly healthful.

11. “He all the time believed that he introduced dwelling the polio with him which took her. I do not even know if that is true, however our aunt and uncle definitely did nothing to disabuse him of that notion. They let it lie with him.” — Ewan

The story Logan’s estranged brother Ewan (James Cromwell) tells throughout his eulogy is fairly grim, however it definitely offers an extra perception into why Logan could have turned out the best way he did.

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You’ll be able to all the time depend on Conner to say one thing bizarre.
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12. “I used to be loopy for cryogenics, however yeah — I would not say no to a high bunk.” — Conner

Connor’s traces are a unique type of WTF most different character’s, however nonetheless fairly WTF nonetheless. That is what he says as he is trying round his dad’s roomy tomb and deciding if he needs to be buried there some day.

13. “He appears like a sow that is about to get the stun gun and is aware of it.” — Karl

Positive, there are a number of sympathetic glances from the viewers when Roman breaks down throughout his father’s eulogy, however it is not lengthy earlier than Karl (David Rasche) is gleefully replaying a clip of the high-pitched noise Roman makes when he is crying.

14. “Fuck you! Fuck you, you piece of shit! You’ve got no fucking concept! No concept! Morons!” — Roman

The Roman that ends episode 9 is a great distance faraway from the cheerful Roman that begins episode 9. Right here he is fallen up to now that he is resorted to screaming at protestors on the street with zero regard for his personal security.

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