Essentially the most badass Latin phrases

Need to impress your pals along with your erudite methods? Desperate to utter utterly vicious phrases that folks should search for later? On the lookout for a extra educated method to discuss trash on-line? Then you definitely, my good friend, must brush up in your Latin. The phrases under are all value committing to reminiscence if for no different motive than that quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.

Vincit qui se vincit.

He conquers who conquers himself.

Used as a motto by many colleges, this phrase speaks to the significance of first getting your self below management, mastering your urges and temptations, earlier than making an attempt to regulate the skin world. Additionally, enjoyable reality, it could be seen on a stained glass window at first of Disney’s Magnificence and the Beast.

Carthago delenda est.

Carthage should be destroyed.

The Second Punic Struggle, fought between 218 and 201 BC, was a tough one for Rome, as they initiated it solely to get spanked in a really possible way by Hannibal and his elephants. Following the warfare, famous hardass Cato the Elder would finish his speeches with this phrase, which lately can be utilized so as to add emphasis and vehemence to an argument.

Non ducor, duco.

I’m not led, I lead.

The motto of São Paulo, Brazil, this phrase is a superb, albeit considerably aggressive method to assert your dominance whereas additionally letting people know that you just’ve learn a couple of books. It corrects anybody below the mistaken assumption that you just aren’t absolutely the boss and/or innovator of any given scenario.

Gladiator in area consilium capit.

The gladiator is formulating his plan within the area.

This one involves us from the thinker, statesman and dramatist Seneca the Youthful. It refers back to the time simply previous to a gladiator’s battle, when the warrior is already within the area getting ready to battle. Mainly, it’s a extra badass method to say “We’re already pregnant,” or, in different phrases: You’re too rattling late.

Aqua vitae.

Water of life.

A lot of the phrases listed right here have not less than some form of connection to warfare, fight, and wrestle, however this one is just a little completely different. Aqua vitae can be utilized to seek advice from any form of liquor, whether or not it’s carried out sincerely whereas speaking about that single barrel scotch you’ve been saving, or extra paradoxically for a case of PBR.

Sic semper tyrannis.

Thus at all times to tyrants.

As of late, this phrase is generally often called what John Wilkes Sales space might or might not have shouted out whereas assassinating President Abraham Lincoln. That affiliation is a disgrace, nonetheless, because it’s a a lot older phrase, with a far much less problematic, however equally murderous historical past.

Previous to its debated use by Sales space, the phrase was positioned on the official seal of the commonwealth of Virginia, which additionally featured a feminine warrior, representing advantage, standing upon a defeated king, representing tyranny. The phrase is all about how tyrants have a tendency to satisfy brutal ends, which explains why the phrase is so intently related with a a lot earlier assassination: That of Julius Caesar.


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Astra inclinant, sed non obligant.

The celebrities incline us, they don’t bind us.

I really like this one as a result of it’s about as daring a one-line refutation of fatalism as you possibly can think about. The phrase implies that whereas destiny — whether or not decided by the celebrities, the gods or one thing else fully — would possibly nudge us in a sure route, we’re by no means compelled in it. Free will exists, and the choice of what to do in any circumstance is in the end our personal.

Aut cum scuto aut in scuto.

Both with defend or on defend.

That is truly a Latin model of an earlier Greek phrase. In Sparta, moms had been stated to inform their war-bred youngsters to both come again carrying their defend or on it. At first, that may not make quite a lot of sense, however while you acknowledge the dimensions and weight of a Spartan defend, the tendency of deserters to go away it behind and the custom of carrying useless troopers again residence upon their defend, the that means turns into clear: Don’t give up, by no means quit.

Igne natura renovatur integra.

By means of fireplace, nature is reborn complete.

So this one’s just a little complicated. First up, it’s good to find out about INRI, an acronym for Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum, which implies “Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews,” a phrase that was stated to have been inscribed on the cross upon which Jesus was crucified. Later, as a part of alchemical and occult research, this Latin backronym(opens in a brand new tab) was created, which refers back to the cleaning energy of fireside and the ever-repeating cycle of loss of life and life.

Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.

If I cannot bend the desire of Heaven, I shall transfer Hell.

Initially spoken by Juno in Virgil’s Aeneid, this phrase is probably best-known at the moment for showing as a dedication in Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Goals. However as for tips on how to use it, it form of works as a chunk of all-purpose badassery, one thing to utter or growl while you’ve been stymied or prevented from reaching your objective. Give it additional punch by taking some liberties with the interpretation, telling individuals who ask that it means “If I can’t transfer heaven, I shall elevate hell.”

Oderint dum metuant.

Allow them to hate as long as they concern.

I used to be first uncovered to this phrase from its use on a t-shirt for skilled wrestler Triple H, who has an extended historical past of utilizing completely different Latin phrases on his merchandise and entrance movies. This one suits Triple H completely, as he has a repute for being a brutal, considerably mercenary expertise inside WWE, so it’s acceptable that he would borrow a line from one in every of Rome’s most brutal dictators: Caligula.

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