30 really ridiculous issues which have occurred in Quick and Livid films

Defying gravity is the default within the Quick & Livid movies.

For 22 years, the collection has despatched autos of each form, measurement, and price ticket hovering into the air — whether or not a Lykan HyperSport leaping between a number of skyscrapers or a rocket-modified Pontiac Fiero being despatched into precise orbit. 

Why drive the entire method to a rescue mission when you’ll be able to airdrop your crew in their very own automobiles from a airplane? Why stealth a heist from a police station when you’ll be able to drag the entire protected out behind your automotive? Torpedo incoming? Simply steer it with your individual naked fingers.


‘Quick X’ assessment: How do you high blasting a automotive into area? Two phrases: Jason Momoa. 

Right here, in chronological order (sure, to indicate you the way chaotic issues change into), are essentially the most ridiculous, physics-defying, jaw-dropping, or simply plain foolish stunts which have occurred within the Quick & Livid franchise. You will word there’s nothing from the very first movie, The Quick and the Livid, as a result of there’s nothing ridiculous about the very best film of the collection.

Have not seen the movies? Effectively, earlier than the beneath spoils all of it for you, learn Mashable’s information on the place to observe all of the Quick & Livid movies.

1. The scramble in 2 Quick 2 Livid

Evading Miami’s best and meaning to flee with villain Carter Verone’s (Cole Hauser) thousands and thousands, Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) and Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson) pull a scramble on the cops. Main a Blues Brothers–worthy chase throughout the town, the pair drive right into a storage, and with the assistance of Tej Parker (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) and Suki (Devon Aoki), a whole lot of automobiles emerge(opens in a brand new tab). The switcheroo confuses (and smashes into) the cops, letting Brian and Roman escape the watchful eye of the FBI with the loot.

2. Muscle automotive smooshes luxurious yacht in 2 Quick 2 Livid

With a purpose to save undercover FBI agent Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes) from Verone, Brian and Roman drive a 1969 Yenko Camaro SYC from land within the Florida Keys into the air and onto the villain’s dashing luxurious yacht(opens in a brand new tab). Fortunately, Monica was beneath deck after they landed. The entire thing has The Man With the Golden Gun corkscrew soar vitality(opens in a brand new tab)

3. The Shibuya Crossing drift in Tokyo Drift

Racing by means of the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing, Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, Han (Sung Kang), Sean (Lucas Black), and Neela (Nathalie Kelley), pursued by Takashi Kamata (Brian Tee), drift round one of many corners in gradual movement(opens in a brand new tab) with out hitting a single pedestrian. It is merely stunning to observe.

A still from

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4. Dom scooching beneath a tanker in Quick & Livid

Eight years after the unique movie, the principle forged is again collectively and nonetheless hijacking vans, this time within the Dominican Republic. When the whole lot goes mistaken with a gasoline tanker goal, we find yourself in a state of affairs the place Dom and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are staring down the face of a burning, tumbling tanker(opens in a brand new tab) coming straight for his or her 1987 Buick Grand Nationwide. Choosing absolutely the final second, Dom stomps the accelerator and manages to scooch simply beneath the superbly bouncing blaze of doom. 

5. Dom drives out of a shifting, burning prepare in Quick 5

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel stand atop a speeding car in

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After their nice prepare theft goes pear-shaped firstly of Quick 5, Dom drives a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport out of a shifting carriage(opens in a brand new tab) with an ideal touchdown, then manages to drive shut sufficient to save lots of Brian from a burning rig earlier than he will get smooshed by the upcoming rail bridge. With no room to brake, Dom drives the frankly beautiful automotive off a cliff as Brian and Dom leap from the automotive in gradual movement free fall. 

6. The exploding bathroom in Quick 5

As a part of their plan to rob the police station vault and drive away with Reyes’ money, Tego Leo (Tego Calderón) and Rico Santos (Don Omar) are tasked with blowing up the ability’s plumbing with a purpose to acquire entry to the station’s surveillance system(opens in a brand new tab). Discovering the correct pipe within the basement, the pair set the costs as we watch an proof technician (Carlos Sanchez) unknowingly wander into the loos with a newspaper, set for an extended keep. Sure, no matter you are considering is precisely what occurs. A brown plume of excrement and putrid water explodes by means of the stalls and everywhere in the officer. Noice.

7. The protected drag in Quick 5

When the opp for subtlety goes out the window within the Reyes heist in Quick 5, DSS allies Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky) bust into the police compound utilizing an armored automobile(opens in a brand new tab) and plunge straight into the wall the place the Brazilian drug lord’s vault sits. Following carefully behind, Dom and Brian connect sturdy cables to the protected and their automobiles. You understand the place that is going. Our heroes pull that factor proper out of the wall and drag it by means of the streets of Rio pursued by each cop on the town. Suffice it to say, corners show a curse and a blessing for this supersized flail.

8. The tank flip-and-catch in Quick & Livid 6

Through the closing chase sequence in Quick & Livid 6, when villain Owen Shaw’s (Luke Evans) crew assaults a navy convoy, the unhealthy man drives a tank by means of the entrance of an armored automobile, then begins firing on Dom and his crew and driving by means of civilians. Roman results in entrance of the tank, however is saved by leaping onto Brian’s automotive, however not earlier than he ties his personal Mustang to the tank with a cable. Utilizing this as an “anchor,” Brian shoves the Mustang off the raised freeway bridge. It would be a very good plan if Letty hadn’t been standing on high of the dashing tank when it will get flipped. Fortunately, Dom opens his personal automotive door simply as Letty will get flung into the air between two raised highways(opens in a brand new tab). Dom slams his personal automotive into the barrier, flies by means of the sky, catches Letty, and lands on the hood of a automotive on the other street. What purpose!

Vin Diesel stands on a speeding car in

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9. The airborne multi-car drop in Livid 7

With a purpose to rescue hacker Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), who has been captured by terrorist Mose Jakande (Djimon Hounsou) for her facial recognition expertise God’s Eye, the crew decides to make use of the component of shock by launching their autos from a Lockheed C-130 Hercules airplane(opens in a brand new tab). In a extremely sophisticated stunt devised by stunt veteran Spiro Razatos(opens in a brand new tab), the Household airdrops their automobiles over Azerbaijan’s Caucasus Mountains. We’re speaking Dom’s 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, Brian’s 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Tej’s 2015 armored Jeep Wrangler, Letty’s 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT, and Roman’s 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, all simply dropped from the sky.

10. Brian’s shut name in Livid 7

In a scene paying homage to Uncharted(opens in a brand new tab) or The Misplaced World(opens in a brand new tab), Brian finds himself on the fringe of a cliff in a teetering bus-like automobile(opens in a brand new tab) throughout Ramsey’s rescue in Livid 7. Getting out of that factor on the final minute and operating up its size, Brian makes a last-minute soar and grabs Letty’s conveniently timed rear spoiler, saving his ass.

Paul Walker climbs up a bus teetering on the edge of a cliff in

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11. The “automobiles do not fly” triple skyscraper soar in Livid 7

This must be probably the greatest stunts in the whole Quick franchise.

Watching Diesel drive a $3.4 million greenback Lykan HyperSport by means of not one however two of Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Towers(opens in a brand new tab) is, genuinely, simply one of many main stunts in Livid 7. However of us, it is fucking stunning. “Dom, automobiles do not fly,” Brian insists earlier than Dom makes them do precisely that, finally sending the prince’s automotive plummeting to the bottom in an audibly unhappy moan. 

12. Dom’s unusually efficient avenue stomp in Livid 7

After Jakande’s helicopter sends a missile into the parking storage the place Dom and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) are wrench preventing(opens in a brand new tab), the ground cracks. Dom says the road, “Factor about avenue fights. The road all the time wins,” and stomps on the concrete so Shaw falls into an abyss. Excellent.

13. Dom and Hobbs’ crew helicopter takedown in Livid 7

With a damaged arm launched from its forged with an outstandingly ridiculous muscle flex — “Daddy’s gotta go to work”(opens in a brand new tab) — Hobbs not solely drives an ambulance off a bridge right into a drone(opens in a brand new tab), however drags its minigun down the road to fireside at Jakande’s helicopter(opens in a brand new tab). Dom outruns the collapsing parking zone in his automotive, drives up a ramp, does a soar towards the helicopter, hangs a bag of grenades neatly on the aspect of it, then crashes. Hobbs then shoots mentioned bag of grenades along with his pistol. It is a bit too good.

14. Dom’s shitbox automotive race in The Destiny of the Livid

Within the opening sequence of The Destiny of the Livid, Dom stands up for his cousin Fernando (Janmarco Santiago) by difficult Raldo (Celestino Cornielle) to a race by means of the streets of Havana(opens in a brand new tab). Downside is, he is received to make use of his cousin’s automotive, a 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline falling aside on the seams. Letty and Dom add a bit NOS beneath the hood, which works but in addition makes his engine burst into flames, so he drives the factor backwards.

Vin Diesel drives a car on fire in

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15. Tej’s wrecking ball bowling in The Destiny of the Livid

Hobbs requests Dom and crew to fulfill in Berlin for a job involving the theft of an EMP and blowing up a facility in Berlin. Because the crew spilt of their automobiles on the excellent second, Tej releases a large wrecking ball(opens in a brand new tab) proper into the German police automobiles pursuing them — and again once more. 

16. The night time of the dwelling remote-controlled automobiles in The Destiny of the Livid

“It is zombie time.” In pursuit of the Russian defence minister, cyber terrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron) takes management of each chip inside a three-mile radius in Manhattan, which means each automotive turns into beneath her management. “Make it rain” means automobiles fly out a skyscraper storage window like big, metallic drops(opens in a brand new tab).  

17. Hobbs steering a torpedo along with his naked fingers in The Destiny of the Livid

When Cipher’s submarine launches torpedoes on the Household dashing throughout the ice, Hobbs asks Roman to take the wheel of the big armored automobile they’re each in, will get out, holds the torpedo that is dashing throughout the ice along with his naked fingers(opens in a brand new tab), then has Roman flip the wheel left and again to level it at one of many enemy autos. It is so informal it must be banned.

18. Roman’s underwater rescue in The Destiny of the Livid 

Through the ice pursuit, Roman is spinning out on ice in his Lamborghini Murciélago LP640. As their enemies ship missiles and create an enormous gap within the ice, Roman’s Lambo goes in nose-first. Tej, driving a military tank, grapple-hooks Roman’s door and pulls him by means of the ice(opens in a brand new tab) along with his door like a sled. 

A submarine breaks through the ice, sending cars flying in

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19. Dom blowing up a navy sub in The Destiny of the Livid 

Cipher’s prize, the nuclear missile on a Russian navy submarine, means a splendidly ridiculous sequence of occasions that results in the villain hitting the inexperienced button on heat-seeking missiles aimed toward Dom’s automotive(opens in a brand new tab) (after she’s damaged the ice with it). Sadly for Cipher, Dom leads them proper to a a lot greater goal, the submarine she’s making an attempt to get to open water, leaping over it in his customized Dodge Charger and surviving the next explosion.

20. Shaw’s child rescue in The Destiny of the Livid

Shaw brothers reunited! Dom trusts new ally Deckard Shaw with Cipher’s airplane coordinates, permitting him to infiltrate the villain’s base along with his brother Owen, the villain from Quick & Livid 6. His goal? Dom’s shock son, who Cipher has kidnapped. Discovering the wee bairn, Shaw pops some child headphones on his little head, performs “The Chipmunk Music” by Alvin and the Chipmunks, and provides the baby a wink earlier than beating and capturing the shit out of Cipher’s henchmen(opens in a brand new tab). It is weirdly lovely.

Jason Statham kicks a man while holding a baby basinet in

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21. Roman’s land mines scrape in F9

Within the jungle of Montequinto, the landmines “how briskly do we’ve to drive to beat them” sequence(opens in a brand new tab) in F9 is a few extremely anxious motion. Driving over a mine, Roman’s dramatically armored automobile will get caught, explodes into the air, and turns into wedged between two monumental boulders hanging over one other landmine. Roman slowly edges his method out of the truck, comes nose to nose with the mine, and rolls away, seemingly smooshed by the truck through the explosion. However he is OK! “How within the hell are you not useless?” asks an incredulous Tej. 

Tyrese Gibson runs from military in a jeep in

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22. The feeble rope bridge swing in F9

Driving a heavy automobile over a rope bridge looks like a determination, and it is one which finally ends up precisely the way you suppose it would in F9. Through the Montequinto sequence, a tumbling automobile cuts off the rope bridge whereas Ramsey, Tej, and Roman are crossing it, however they handle to drive up the previous couple of planks. When Letty and Dom attempt to use the identical bridge to flee their pursuers, Dom in some way sweeps up the singular rope left from the damaged bridge(opens in a brand new tab) in his wheel to swing throughout the chasm of their automotive.

“Effectively that was new,” says Letty.

23. Tej and Roman go to area in F9

That is the large one, of us. SPACE.

With a purpose to destroy the satellite tv for pc Cipher is planning to make use of, Roman and Tej are tasked with turning into actual, precise, real, form of astronauts(opens in a brand new tab). In a rocket-modified Pontiac Fiero geared up by the Tokyo Drift crew, Tej and Roman blast off by means of the environment and efficiently enter orbit whereas screaming the basic Han Solo line, “PUNCH IT!”

A rocket strapped to a car zooms into the sky in

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24. Dom’s magnet sandwich in F9

Magnets get a very good run in F9, together with when non-driver Ramsey makes a meal out of Edinburgh throughout a chase sequence(opens in a brand new tab), pulling smartphones and keys from faculty children alongside the best way, and pulling villain Otto’s (Thue Ersted Rasmussen) automotive by means of a constructing.

However the very best sequence is the epic chase scene, which incorporates Dom’s magnet sandwich — when two monumental armored autos get caught to Dom’s Charger, then propelled away, totalling a stream of parked automobiles.

25. Dante’s Indiana Jones-style bomb by means of Rome in Quick X

Perched in his marble tower with a distant management machine, a cackling Dante (Jason Momoa) unleashes a large spherical bomb upon the streets of Rome. Singing Neapolitan opera basic “O sole mio,” into the Household’s earpieces, Dante has a slightly dramatic goal in thoughts. “What are we blowing up?” Dante teasingly asks his captive henchmen. “The Vatican? Wow. You guys are going to hell.”

Because the bomb picks up velocity rolling towards St. Peters, the entire scene has the impact of a Raiders of the Misplaced Ark(opens in a brand new tab)–model ball chase, as Letty tries to evade it on her motorcycle, and Dom drives backwards down historical Roman stairs to get out of its method. It is all ridiculous.  

A giant spherical bomb does damage in Rome in

Credit score: Common Footage

At one level, it hurtles previous an outside restaurant. In pursuit, Dom, not one to let diners get fried, manages to drag what’s often known as a snowboarding stunt (driving on two wheels on one aspect of the automotive) to pull the awning of the restaurant down along with his automotive, blocking the fiery inferno. Such manners.

26. Dom’s crane bomb pinball in Quick X

It is received to be probably the greatest stunts in Quick X.

As Dante’s flaming bomb hurtles towards St. Peters and Vatican Metropolis, Dom hits the NOS button and fees right into a crane on a bridge, which whips round and pinballs the bomb straight into the Tiber River seconds earlier than it explodes. 

A giant spherical bomb hits a car in Rome in

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27. Jakob’s vodka-powered plane in Quick X

Escaping assailants on their flight, Jakob (John Cena) and Little B ((Leo Abelo Perry) get assist from a flight attendant (performed by Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow), who locations three tiny bottles of vodka on Jakob’s tray. “It is good to have mates in excessive locations,” says Jakob, earlier than taking Little B into the maintain, the place a tiny plane is ready — Jakob had disguised it as a kayak for check-in. These three tiny 50 milliliter bottles of vodka? The gasoline for the airplane. Now, I am no scientist, however how this airplane makes it to a protected touchdown is past me.  

28. Dom’s airplane drop within the Charger in Quick X

This one looks like a throwback to the airplane drop in Livid 7. As Dante pursues Jakob’s cannon-customised 1967 Chevrolet El Camino with a purpose to kidnap Little B, Dom figures the quickest method to attain his enemy is by airdropping his Dodge Charger on high of the automotive of one in all Dante’s henchmen. He lands it and drives proper into the race.

Vin Diesel stands beside a Dodge Charger in

Credit score: Common Footage

29. Dom leashed by two helicopters in Quick X

Through the closing showdown between Dom and Dante, Dom’s Charger is leashed by two helicopters. Informal. How would a Toretto get out of such a predicament? NOS, in fact. Dom hits the button and launches off the freeway he is on, which pulls the helicopters collectively and makes them smash round and hit a bunch of automobiles. In all this, Dom manages to catch his son Little B midair, leaping from the villain’s automotive into his father’s.

“Did you hit me with a helicopter again there? Ow! Ya massive brute,” is all Dante can say about all this. 

A car is suspended between two helicopters in

Credit score: Common Studios

 30. The dam slide in Quick X

The minute you see the dam in Quick X, you understand the place that is going. Dom finds himself within the centre of the highest of Aldeadávila Dam in Salamanca, Spain, with Dante’s remote-controlled semi-trailers at every finish. Because the vans hurtle towards Dom and Little B, there’s just one choice. Dom flooring it, drives off the sting of the dam and down its face as an unlimited explosion chases them. Tires burning, Dom hits the NOS, and makes it to the water beneath. 

Now, this is easy methods to watch each Quick & Livid film on-line.